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Channels, Partnerships and Alliances

Meeting sales goals through co-selling is always a challenge.  Whether you are simply partnering on a deal, or going after a new market globally, there is a lot to get right.  Alliance Methods can help you execute efficiently, avoiding miss-steps that waste time and cost money.  Take advantage of our 25 years of alliance and channel experience to give your business the smooth runway it deserves.  Services include:

Improving channel or campaign results

Spending a lot of market development funds and getting limited pipeline and limited visibility?  There are probably gaps in value proposition, channel capability or other factors that can be corrected to put you back on track.  We use apply our own methodology, along with standards such as DCOM and SWOT, to help you understand where the kinks are and how to fix them.

Optimizing your sales process

Whether you are selling direct, partnering on deals, or focusing on channels, having a well defined sales process will ensure that you put resources on the right deals at the right time.  Looking at all of your deals, including those that were lost or simply faded away, is critical to identifying best practices.  Optimizing when and why to pull in expensive overlay resources, or strategic partners, on complex solution sales will help your team be more effective.  Simply knowing when to walk away can be a tremendous advantage for your sales teams or partners.  Alliance Methods can help you improve your sales qualification process to grow sales or channel partner performance.

Channel-specific sales tools

Many companies are experts at equipping their direct teams to engage customers and win.  Channel sales reps often require a different set of tools, especially to kickstart sales of new products or solutions.  Delivering a toolset that engages your partners and helps them see the unique value of your solutions can do wonders to grow your total addressable market.  Alliance Methods can evaluate your current tools, make recommendations to close gaps and help you get it done.

Choosing the best-fit partners

In any channel strategy, profiling and recruiting the best fit partners is always a challenge.  Selecting partners means more than just “meeting a number” when rolling out a new business model, or entering a new market.   And there is never enough co-marketing funds or overlay resources to cover everyone.  Alliance Methods can help you develop a consistent basis for evaluating partners and performance.   That way you can start from a solid set of partners or extend and improve your current set as your needs change.

Co-selling workshops

Co-selling is never easy.  It takes time and motivation for sales teams to come together, agree on mutual goals, identify best fit targets, and then execute together.  Setting up local, ½ day workshops can help break the ice between teams, establish common ground and create a pipeline roadmap.  Alliance Methods can assist by developing “teaming in a box” workshops and also providing facilitators to guide the teams to embracing mutual success.

And …

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